I'm not sure that I'll love you several times in my life. I'm not sure that there will be several people who have really loved us. I'll learn to cherish them and learn to let go of them. Only in this way can we live more freely and let others live freely. Recently, I was reading Zhang Ailing's collection of novels and essays, which is very impressive. A woman who is so arrogant and talented, for a man who knows himself but doesn't cherish himself, "goes down to the dust, and blooms flowers from the dust". At last, I had to smile sadly and say, "I just withered." Zhang Ailing said that "because of understanding, so compassion", just because of understanding, so the compassion in this love is a little sad and a little sad. Many people in the world think that Eileen Chang's love is just a blank marriage letter. The letter of marriage is very simple: "Hu Lancheng and Zhang Ailing signed a lifelong marriage, wishing to make the years quiet and the world stable." It is said that the first two sentences were written by Zhang Ailing and the last two sentences were written by Hu Lancheng. May the years be quiet and the world be safe? Hu Lancheng, Hu Lancheng! Is time really quiet? Is the world really safe? Hu Lancheng, who is full of love! How can you give Eileen Chang a quiet and good time, in such a turbulent era, how can you give Eileen Chang a stable life? Before he loved Zhang Ailing, he had loved many women, even other women. Soon after Zhang Ailing arrived in Wuhan, he was like a glue with Zhou Xunde, a 17-year-old nurse of Hanyang hospital. After escaping to Zhejiang, he was together with fan Xiumei, a widow. How can a man who loves so much make Zhang Ailing feel so cold and arrogant!